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Will Transport Planning Software Replace the Dispatcher

Will transport planning software replace the dispatcher in the coming time? This question may have come in many peoples’ minds. Many logistics managers and transport companies are in a dilemma. The answer to all these queries is no. Routing and scheduling automation system use many algorithms and variables to calculate miles covered by a vehicle. But the companies cannot map all the data with its help. You cannot use transport software in case of emergencies and to make spontaneous decisions. A dispatcher assists in such cases with his knowledge and intelligence.

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Is Your Supply Chain Risk Ready ? It’s Time to Manage Supply Chain Risk Through the “Eyes of the Freight in Transit”

Today’s supply chains are a lOT complicated and extended worldwide. They are always vulnerable to market disruption. Disruption is inevitable, it can happen due to various reasons but your supply chain needs to be ready to face it all the time. Natural calamity, market shock, economic crisis and the latest global pandemic are few of the reasons that can cause a global supply chain disruption. Your business can withstand the disruption with a flexible supply chain network and excellent risk management. Trucking business software helps to gather accurate and reliable information about your truck.

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