Service Animal – Did you know?

Monthly abilities Abilities – Did you know Service Animals and Moli’s Story. Feel free to print the PDF (Portable Document Format) version and post it somewhere that your staff can read.

Service Animals

Psychiatric Service Dogs can wake a partner for work or school, assist with panic prevention in public, help partner with upsetting situations, respond to smoke alarms, bring medications and drink, bring phone in crisis, answer doorbell, call 911, get or bring help and many others.

Seizure Response Dogs are trained to assist individuals with epilepsy. They are capable of activating an alert system or barking for help in the event of a seizure. Their ability to respond and react quickly makes them a trustworthy companion.

Hearing Ear Dog Guides assist individuals who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing to detect sounds they are unable to hear on their own. They can distinguish sounds, make physical contact with their handlers and lead them to whatever is making the noise; be it someone at the door, an alarm clock, someone calling their name, or a ringing telephone.

Service Dog Guides help on a daily basis, to retrieve objects, open and close appliances, and open and close doors. They are trained to bark or activate an alert system when help is needed. They perform many duties that a person cannot physically do themselves.

Diabetic Alert Dog Guides assist people who have type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemic unawareness. They are trained to detect sudden drops in their handler’s blood sugar through scent and alert them so that they can ingest something sweet. They can go get help within the home or activate an alert system if needed. They detect and react to hypoglycemic episodes helping their handler’s avoid loss of consciousness and subsequent life-threatening effects.

Guide Dogs are trained to assist their handlers in navigating obstacles typically found on most daily routes, including curbs, steps and crowds. They are used by someone who is Blind or Legally Blind, giving an individual the ability to independently access and navigate in life.

What helps me in the workplace?

One thing I want people to know:

“Without my guide dog I would not be able to maintain my daily living needs and life style.” Cyndie Sproul.

See Abilities – Did you know Moli’s story.

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